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Foreman’s Corrugated Cardboard Pallet

A new challenge with an exciting fresh solution


We were given an interesting challenge by a very large pharmaceutical company. This company liked our concept of a corrugated cardboard pallet.

The criteria: 

  • Ideal for clean room environments
  • Up to 70% lighter weightings than timber
  • Complete strength for the load
  • Easier to handle
  • Splinter free
  • No mould growth
  • No import restrictions
  • No ISPM stamping required
  • Environmentally friendly


Specific customer requirements, stated that it must be capable of holding 0.5 Tonne of weight, and be used on open beam racking.

It must be suitable to withstand transportation across the globe.


The Foreman’s design team managed to adhere to all these requirements and our pallet was created.

Trials are now underway and it is hoped by allowing the corrugated pallet to be packed within the clean room there will be massive savings for our client in terms of logistics, in-house labour cost saving presentation, carbon footprint and weight saving.

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