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Top 3 ways to package clever for the environment


Being considerate to the environment has always been important, but has become a deciding factor when selecting a packaging solution.

We have always offered biodegradable packaging solutions and here are our top 3 ways to help you decide on the 1 for you.


1. Change from single use packaging that isn’t 100% biodegradable, to corrugated cardboard and wood solutions. Materials that are renewable and reusable.

2. Take advantage of multi-use packaging solutions.

3. Switch from heavy packaging materials to foam and air solutions and reduce your transport carbon footprint.

Option  1

Single use packaging that isn’t 100% biodegradable is terrible for the environment. Using a material that is renewable and reusable like corrugated cardboard is making more and more sense. As cardboard can be made from recyclable materials.

Option  2

Any packaging that can be used many times and still provide a reliable, protective solution helps to reduce environmental impact.

Option  3

By using lighter packing materials, the fuel used to transport them drastically reduces. The use of foam or air solutions can offer carbon footprint benefits for any size of packaging.

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