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Avoid plastic waste and use natural packaging materials


With plastic waste so prominent in the news now, being considerate to the environment has become a deciding factor when selecting a packaging solution.

We have always offered biodegradable packaging solutions and with plastic waste at an all time high, alternatives are essential.

The European Union is aiming to impose a ban on single use plastics by the year 2021.


By using cardboard and wood based packaging, we are using renewable materials that naturally biodegrade.

None biodegradable materials or those that need to be treated and becoming a bigger and bigger threat to wildlife and the environment. Changes need to be made as soon as possible to turn the tide on this serious issue.

Solution  1

Single use packaging that isn’t 100% biodegradable is terrible for the environment. Using a material that is renewable and reusable like corrugated cardboard is making more and more sense. As cardboard can be made from recyclable materials

Solution  2

Sustainable solutions such as wood and wood based packages will become a necessity as oil and plastic based options become more expensive and less environmentally acceptable.

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